The travelers are back…

… and they’ve brought pictures. It was Steffi who had the greater
adventure this time, because she flew to Omaha at the same time as the
horses did, so she loooked after Weihegold during the two-day quaratine,
took her grazing or rode her in the walk, sometimes together with Carl
Hester’s Nip Tuck and “his” Alan Davies. When I joined them Monday,
Weihe had already familiarized herself perfectly with the surroundings.
It was a nice idea of the organizers to gather all finalists for a group
photo in the giant arena. After the freestyle, our team took a group
photo of its own — my heartfelt thanks to everyone involved!
And then we went home, myself on a normal scheduled flight, Steffi and
Weihe on a cargo plane. Yesterday afternoon they arrived home safe and
sound. Weihe knew exactly where to go … first for a leisurely roll in
the shavings in her stable, and then … I don’t mean to
anthropomorphize my horses, but her look out of the window seems so say
exactly what I feel: Joy to be back mixed with a great amount of pride
in the experience that was Omaha.


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