It was fresh at “Horses and Dreams”, and where the photo shows the most lovely morning sun, the thermometer remained at zero degrees. Reason
enough for Emilio to let his concentration wander now and again at his first outdoor competition of the year, and so we made an expensive
mistake in the walk during the Grand Prix — 76.9% and second place.

In the Special he was back with me again, though, and displayed all his strong points, especially in the piaffe and passage parts of the test. In the end we didn’t overtake my young Olympic team colleagues Sönke Rothenberger and Cosmo, but remained on their heels: With 80.6% we were the only other pair to break through the 80% barrier and once more placed second in a competition that held a lot of promise for a
thrilling season.
When not riding I was very happy that the exhibition booth for my collection was the center of much attention — not only when I was there to sign autographs. If you’re curious now, out web shop will go online in the coming days. We’ll let you know!